The Rotary Club of Fairview Heights Current Members

Our current member list is comprised of community leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, business professionals, and other fine residents of Fairview Heights and the St. Clair County area.

John Armour
Main: 618-398-4056
John Bruemmer
Main: 636-300-2000
Bruce Canty
Main: 618-541-9900
Judy Davis
Personal: 618-394-1812
Trish Eagan
Josh Frawley
GoGo Gough
Debbie Hazlett
Personal: 618-624-9017
Kevin Hoerner
Main: 618 235-0020
Ericka Iles
Personal: 618-960-5033
Katherine Johnson
Katie Kassel Kassel
Personal: 314-607-3309
Spencer Koetting
Main: 618-622-4944
Mark Kupsky
Kariann Roach
Robert Rowan
Joe Schuster
Personal: 618-632-1108
Matt Stines
Main: 618-398-5577
Brenda Wagner
Personal: 618-791-6733
Ralph Zuke Zuke
Main: 314-477-5687

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